Safety Signage in New York Buildings

If you run a business in New York, you have more to consider than just your bottom line. It’s also your responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe in case of a fire emergency. To ensure this, you must install safety signage in your building in accordance with OSHA and life safety code requirements.

Not sure what safety signage you need? Look to Fire Guys NY for help installing, maintaining, and repairing your emergency signage and lights. Our goal is to help keep your building safe and compliant.

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Safety Signage Installation & Replacement

It’s easy to overlook safety signage, but as soon as people realize there’s an emergency, they automatically start scanning the room for information to help them battle a blaze, help someone in need, or escape the building quickly. Here are some of the safety signs your building might need:

  • Exit signs: These mark the exits distinctly to help people find their way out of the building in an emergency. Backup batteries allow exit signs to remain lit during a power outage.
  • Emergency signs: Depending on the type of building you operate, you might need signs to indicate the locations of first aid kits, AEDs, emergency showers, tornado shelters, and more.
  • Fire extinguisher signs: Labels installed high on the wall above a fire extinguisher make it easy to spot from a distance.
  • Fire door signs: From “Alarmed Door” signs to “Do Not Block” signs, fire door signage is essential for identifying and keeping emergency exits clear.
  • Fire sprinkler signs: Signage, plates, and pipe markers help make your sprinkler system easier to maintain and operate.
  • Flammable and hazmat signs: Warn personnel and guests of hazardous areas with this safety signage.

As you consider what emergency signage you need, remember that code compliance is necessary to maintain your occupancy status and avoid penalties. Fire Guy NY can help you select and install compliant signage for your New York building.

Safety Signage Maintenance & Testing

Most safety signage is simply mounted to the wall or ceiling, requiring no additional attention unless you renovate or add onto your building. However, emergency exit signs are illuminated, so they need more care.

For example, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires a 30-second lighting test every 30 days and a 90-minute test once a year. These tests are performed by utilizing a built-in switch designed to simulate a power outage.

  • Other maintenance and testing procedures for emergency exit signs include:
  • Inspecting signs for secure mounting and proper location
  • Inspecting bulbs for adequate illumination
  • Testing the backup batteries
  • Verifying the proper electrical voltage

Safety Signage Repair

While inspecting your exit signs and other illuminated signage, your technicians will correct any problems they run across. Still, it’s possible for you to notice an issue between formal tests. If this happens, call Fire Guys NY immediately for a repair. Our team can:

  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Replace faulty batteries
  • Replace damaged signs or fixtures

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