Emergency Exit Lighting Installation & Service in New York

Do you own a business or manage a building in New York? If so, it’s your responsibility to make the property as safe as possible. This includes ensuring your emergency exit lights are installed correctly and remain in proper working order in case it becomes necessary to evacuate the building.

At Fire Guys NY, we install and service emergency lighting in accordance with OSHA and life safety code requirements. Our goal is to help keep your building safe and compliant.

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Emergency Exit Lighting Installation & Replacement

The primary purpose of emergency lighting is to illuminate corridors, ramps, stairwells, aisles, escalators, and exits after normal lights fail. Backup batteries allow exit signs, spotlights, and other types of emergency lighting to remain lit, even during a power failure.

As you consider the design of your emergency light system, remember that your building must meet codes and regulations to maintain your occupancy status and avoid fines. Fire Guy NY is here to help you design and install a compliant system for maximum building safety. We can also upgrade or expand your system with replacement components.

Here are your top design options:

  • Non-maintained emergency lights activate with backup batteries only when the regular power goes out.
  • Maintained emergency lights operate under normal conditions as well as during power outages.
  • Sustained emergency lights incorporate two lamps. One is powered by the building’s wiring and operates as normal lighting while the other runs on battery power and only functions during emergencies.
  • Self-contained battery systems are easy to install and expand in the future, but every fixture must be tested individually on a regular basis.
  • Central battery source systems power all the emergency lights in the building with one battery.

Emergency Exit Lighting Maintenance & Testing

If your emergency lights fail to operate correctly during an emergency, the people inside are more likely to panic, creating unsafe conditions. That’s why regular maintenance and testing should be part of your fire protection plan.

Emergency exit lighting tests from Fire Guys NY ensure that battery-backup lights operate correctly in case of a power outage. Here’s what our emergency lighting inspection process entails:

  • Inspect fixtures for proper installation and secure mounting.
  • Check for proper mounting locations and quantity of lights for the building’s size and occupancy.
  • Utilize the built-in test switch to simulate a power outage. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires a 30-second test every 30 days and a 90-minute test once a year.
  • Inspect bulbs for proper illumination.
  • Test the batteries.
  • Verify proper electrical voltage.

Emergency Exit Lighting Repair

During a test, our technicians will correct any problems they find. It’s also possible for you to notice something wrong with your emergency lights between tests, in which case you should call Fire Guys NY immediately for a repair. The sooner you act, the shorter time your business will be left vulnerable in an emergency. Here are the repair services we provide:

  • Light bulb replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Damaged sign or fixture replacement

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