Fire Extinguisher Services in New York

If a small fire breaks out in your building, portable fire extinguishers are a great option for dousing the blaze before it does any real damage. Of course, this means you need to outfit your New York building with the proper type of fire extinguishers and keep them in good working order. This way, you can always count on them at a moment’s notice.

The technicians at Fire Guys NY are trained and certified to make certain all your fire protection equipment is in peak operating condition and ready for any fire hazards that may arise. We offer all the fire extinguisher services you need, thus ensuring this extra layer of safety for your building.

If you own a business on Long Island or the surrounding areas, count on us to install, replace, inspect, test, and recharge your fire extinguishers as needed. Contact Fire Guys NY to schedule fire extinguisher services today!

Fire Extinguisher Installation & Replacement

Fire Guys NY offers a wide selection of portable fire extinguishers from several quality manufacturers. The types of extinguishers you should order depend on the fire risks that exist in your business. If you’re not sure what will suit your fire protection needs the best, don’t worry – our technicians will assess the fire risks in your building to help you make a code-compliant selection. We’ll also help you install fire extinguishers in the right places for ample coverage throughout your entire building.

The different types of fire extinguishers available today include:

  • Class A for fires involving ordinary combustibles, including wood, cloth, paper, plastic, etc.
  • Class B for flammable liquid fires
  • Class C for electrical fires involving wiring and appliances
  • Class D for flammable metal fires
  • Class K for kitchen fires

A few of the fire extinguisher brands we offer include:

  • Buckeye
  • Amerex
  • Ansul
  • Badger

Call us today for pricing details or to place your order!

Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Testing

To ensure your fire extinguishers remain effective tools against growing blazes, you must maintain them on an annual basis. This is your chance to spot and promptly repair any deficiencies and keep your facility compliant with New York State fire regulations.

Our technicians provide annual fire extinguisher inspections and testing for your business. NOTE: CO2 extinguishers and cartridge-operated extinguishers require additional inspections.

A visit from Fire Guys NY includes the following services:

  • Visually inspect the fire extinguisher.
  • Check prior maintenance dates.
  • Inspect the pressure gauge, if applicable.
  • Remove the tamper seal, check the pull pin, and install a new color-coded tamper seal.
  • Remove the hose and inspect the valve.
  • Clean the hose and the fire extinguisher.
  • Attach a new certified inspection tag.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge Service

A quick glance at a fire extinguisher’s pressure gauge tells you whether it has a full charge. If you recently used an extinguisher to fight a fire, you should have it recharged as soon as possible. Even if only a small accidental discharge takes place, that’s enough to request a recharge service. The loss of even a few milliseconds worth of pressure could mean the difference between quickly containing a fire and watching helplessly as it grows out of control.

Fortunately, Fire Guys NY offers the extinguisher recharge services you need to ensure ample fire protection for your building.

Schedule Fire Extinguisher Services in New York

From first-time installation to annual inspections to recharge services, we do it all! Call us the next time you need help keeping your fire extinguishers up to code.

Contact Fire Guys NY at (631) 253-0138 when you’re ready to schedule fire extinguisher services. 

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