Fire Tank Recharge Services in New York

Does your building rely on a fire tank as part of the fire safety plan? When was the last time your tank was inspected and recharged? Cost-effective services from Fire Guys NY can help you keep your building fully protected from fire.

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What Is a Fire Tank?

Firefighters rely on fire tanks to support their extinguishing efforts. These large containers filled with water can be found at residential, commercial, and industrial sites in New York and across the globe. Some fire tanks serve to supplement a building’s standard water pressure when a fire emergency strikes. Others provide a direct water supply for the automatic sprinkler system.

Regardless of the precise function of your fire tank, this is obviously a significant part of your building’s fire safety plan. Tanks are paired with fire pumps designed for heavy-duty applications. They get the water up to pressure, whether for use with the sprinkler system or a fire hose connected directly to the pump.

Recharging a Fire Tank

If a blaze ignites in your building and your fire sprinklers come on, water may be drawn from your fire tank, depending on the setup of your fire protection system. This depletes the water level to some degree, limiting the ability to fight a fire the next time one breaks out.

To ensure you don’t leave your building unprotected for any length of time, have your fire tank recharged as soon as possible. This is usually a simple matter of running a suction hose to a source of clean water and refilling the tank this way.

Other Fire Tank Services

A number of industry and regulatory standards are in place for fire tank construction, installation, and inspections. Fire Guys NY adheres to all requirements to keep your building safe and code compliant.

Along with providing fire tank recharging services, we also inspect and repair tanks as needed. Here are some of the things we check for:

  • Internal corrosion
  • Level indicator function
  • Roof supports
  • Condition of suction inlets and vortex inhibitors
  • Condition of tie rods and liners
  • Tank wall thickness (determined with ultrasonic or electronic testing)
  • Vermin infestation
  • Paint adhesion

Fire tank inspections are required every five years by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), but local laws and regulations in your part of New York may require a shorter interval between professional visits.

Why Choose Fire Guys NY for Fire Tank Recharge Services?

At Fire Guys NY, our goal is to help you adhere to New York fire codes and NFPA standards. As such, our fire tank inspectors are certified, insured, and observant of industry standards.

We are the best at what we do because our technicians are highly trained and fully qualified. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and we always make the customer our number one priority. Look to Fire Guys NY for quality work, honesty, and integrity on every job.

Schedule Fire Tank Recharge Services in New York

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