Fire Safety Equipment in New York

When you need fire safety equipment installed in your New York building, look no further than Fire Guys NY. We have over 25 years of experience, and no installation job is too large or too small for our licensed fire safety specialists to handle. In addition to installation work, we also service your existing fire protection equipment to keep everything up and running in case of a fire.

Take a look at the types of systems we install and service. Then, when you’re ready, contact Fire Guys NY to schedule fire safety equipment services in New York.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

If you own a restaurant or building with a commercial kitchen, you must install a kitchen fire suppression system. This automatically suppresses cooking fires fueled by flammable oil and grease. Automatic fire suppression is the best way to prevent fast-spreading flames from endangering your kitchen staff, patrons, and cooking equipment.

Fire Guys NY carefully designs and installs kitchen fire suppression systems to meet city codes and keep your restaurant safe.

Fire Alarms

When your goal is to prevent loss of life in a fire, nothing is more significant than a fire alarm. Smoke detectors and heat sensors sound the alarm, triggering strobe lights to flash and sirens to blare. Pull stations also allow building occupants to set off the alarm if they spot a blaze, and monitoring automatically alerts the fire department to dispatch immediately to your location.

This scenario is only possible if you choose a reliable fire protection company like Fire Guys NY to install and service your fire alarm.

Fire Extinguishers

Life and safety codes dictate that all commercial buildings must feature fire extinguishers. The number, type, and size of canisters you install depend on your building’s fire threats, square footage, and other factors.

The professionals at Fire Guys NY can help you make code-compliant choices when selecting fire extinguishers for your New York building.

Fire Sprinklers

The sprinkler system is your building’s first line of defense against fire, often extinguishing the blaze before the fire department arrives. High heat sets off each sprinkler head individually, providing sufficient firefighting power while limiting water damage.

Fire Guys NY can help you design, install, and service an effective fire sprinkler system for your building.

Clean Agent Systems

Sometimes, water isn’t the best fire extinguishing agent. When your building contains electronics, industrial equipment, historical archives, or other special hazards, you need a clean agent system to put out fires. FM-200, CO2, high expansion foam, and other clean agents can extinguish fires with minimal damage to your sensitive property.

For help choosing the right clean agent system for your building, count on Fire Guys NY.

Emergency Exit Lighting

Getting everyone out of the building safely is just as important as putting out the fire. Emergency exit lighting with battery backup power ensures hallways and stairwells remain illuminated, even if a fire causes a power outage.

Get help installing and maintaining your emergency exit lights by contacting Fire Guys NY today.

Schedule Fire Safety Equipment Services in New York

The best way to create an effective, synergistic fire protection system is to hire one company for all your fire safety equipment needs. This ensures all systems are compatible and build off of one another rather than competing.

Trust Fire Guys NY as your fire protection specialists in New York. We can install, inspect, test, repair, and upgrade your fire safety equipment to keep your building safe and code compliant.

To get started, please contact Fire Guys NY online or call (631) 253-0138 and schedule a free fire protection consultation today!

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