Hood & Duct Cleaning Services in New York

If you own or manage a restaurant or commercial kitchen in New York, you know things can become quite hectic. However, you can’t let busywork like employee scheduling, food vendor management, and menu updates get in the way of hood and duct cleaning requirements.

Maintaining your kitchen exhaust system is essential for proper operation and building safety. Putting off hood and duct cleaning could put your business at risk of flash fires caused by the accumulation of highly flammable cooking grease and oil. Don’t let your restaurant become another statistic – clean your hood and ducts today!

If it’s time for your next kitchen hood and duct inspection, contact Fire Guys NY to schedule services.

The Importance of Hood & Duct Cleaning

It’s easy to forget about maintaining your kitchen exhaust system, but hood and duct cleaning is of vital importance if you hope to:

  • Remain code compliant: Having a licensed fire protection specialist inspect your kitchen exhaust system is the easiest way to ensure your equipment is up to code.
  • Pass kitchen hood inspections: Surprise inspections won’t catch you off-guard if you keep up with routine hood and duct cleaning.
  • Keep your building, employees, and patrons safe: When people work and eat at your restaurant, they expect to be kept safe from fires and other hazards. Hood and duct cleaning is the single best way to ensure this happens.

How Often to Perform Hood & Duct Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires a professional fire protection company like Fire Guys NY to perform routine hood and duct cleaning. How often you have cleaning performed depends on your kitchen’s demands. Here’s what the NFPA requires:

  • Kitchens that use solid fuel (wood, briquettes, or charcoal) require monthly hood and duct cleaning.
  • Kitchens that prepare high volumes of food or operate 24 hours a day require quarterly hood and duct cleaning.
  • Sit-down restaurants and similar businesses that cook food at moderate levels require semi-annual hood and duct cleaning.
  • Organizations that prepare small volumes of food or operate only occasionally require annual hood and duct cleaning.

Commercial Hood & Duct Cleaning Services from Fire Guys NY

We’re proud of our comprehensive, high-pressure cleaning program, which we customize to meet each restaurant’s needs. Our services include cleaning all the parts of your system, including the exhaust hood, ductwork, filters, and fans.

During the cleaning process, our technicians cover your cooking appliances to protect them from grease and carbons being removed from your system. When cleaning is complete, we polish all stainless steel surfaces and attach a certificate of performance to the hood. Upon request, we can also take pictures of your vent hood before and after cleaning, so you can see just how important our work is.

In addition to cleaning your kitchen exhaust system, our trained technicians can also install new access doors, exhaust fan hinge kits, and rooftop grease collection systems.

Schedule Commercial Hood & Duct Cleaning Services in New York

Whether you need quarterly, semi-annual, or annual inspections, Fire Guys NY is here for you. We’ll make sure we keep your restaurant or commercial kitchen up to code. We can also establish an inspection schedule with automatic reminders, so this task never slips your mind again. Don’t wait until a fire strikes to take hood and duct cleaning seriously – arrange kitchen exhaust maintenance services from Fire Guys NY today and keep your restaurant employees and patrons safe!

Simply fill out our online contact form or call us at (631) 253-0138. When you do, be sure to ask us about our discounts for customers who choose us for all their fire protection needs!

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