Clean Agent Systems & Services in New York

If you own a business in New York with sensitive electronic equipment or valuables, sprinklers could pose as big a threat as a fire. Installing a clean agent suppression system is the key to complete fire protection. The technicians at Fire Guys NY are trained to install, service, and inspect clean agent systems including FM-200, CO2, and high expansion foam.

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When Is a Clean Agent System Needed?

Areas with special hazards have a high-risk environment prone to damage from traditional fire sprinklers. In this case, clean agent fire suppression systems are highly useful. These use electrically nonconductive, volatile, or gaseous extinguishing agents that don’t leave water or residue behind after discharging. This prevents you from trading fire damage for water damage, lowering your property losses and allowing you to reopen your business quickly after a fire.

Consider installing a clean agent system if you’re trying to protect critical assets such as:

  • IT systems and data storage
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Client records
  • Intellectual property
  • Artwork, antiques, and artifacts

Types of Clean Agent Systems

The special hazards systems we install and service include:

  • Halon 1301: New Halon manufacturing has been banned, but you can still operate your existing Halon system. Whether you need a repair, recharge, or removal services, Fire Guys NY has you covered.
  • Inergen: A combination of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide makes up Inergen, making it a non-ozone depleting way of extinguishing fires.
  • FM-200: This leading waterless fire protection system provides the peace of mind you need. FM-200 is appropriate for protecting against Class A, B, and C fires.
  • Water mist: While this system uses water to extinguish fires, minuscule droplets create an impressive reaction overall, keeping water damage to a minimum. We service pre-engineered and engineered water mist systems.
  • CO2: This type of clean agent system takes advantage of the high density of carbon dioxide to smother fires. We service high-pressure and low-pressure systems.
  • Wet foam systems: High expansion, medium expansion, and low expansion wet foam systems are effective firefighting tools in different scenarios.

Our Clean Agent System Services

Count on Fire Guys NY for following services:

  • Clean agent system installation: Correct system installation is the first step. Fire Guys NY maintains close contact with equipment manufacturers so our customers can take advantage of the latest technology, equipment, and fire protection installation techniques.
  • Clean agent system repair: Trust Fire Guys NY to repair or recharge your clean agent system to prevent leaving assets vulnerable to fire for any extended period.
  • Clean agent system inspection: Our fire protection inspection group consists of 12 field technicians who are trained and specialized in servicing all sorts of fire protection equipment, including clean agent systems, in accordance with manufacturer requirements and national fire codes. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and five-year inspections as needed.

Schedule Clean Agent System Services in New York

Fire Guys NY is here to help you adhere to New York fire codes, NFPA standards, and your maintenance and facility schedules. Our fire protection inspectors and installers are certified, insured, and observant of industry standards.

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