Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems & Services in New York

If you own a restaurant or another type of business with a commercial kitchen, you have unique fire threats to contend with. The high temperatures, flammable cooking fuel, and frenzied atmosphere of a busy restaurant create a significant fire risk. In fact, fires in commercial kitchens are liable to spread faster than many other types of indoor environments. In mere seconds, a rogue blaze in the kitchen could send the entire building up in flames.

With a kitchen fire suppression system installed in your restaurant, you can avoid this recipe for disaster. Business owners on Long Island know they can trust Fire Guys NY to design, install, replace, inspect, and repair fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens. Our experienced technicians are properly trained and certified to help keep your system working effectively and reliably.

If you own a restaurant or commercial kitchen on Long Island or the surrounding area of New York, contact Fire Guys NY to schedule fire suppression system services today!

Kitchen Fire Suppression Design, Installation & Replacement

If you see a fire taking shape on the stove or in the fryer, your initial reaction might be to throw water on the flames. However, grease fires only spread faster when mixed with water. The proper way to extinguish a cooking fire is to remove the fuel source and smother the flames. Your kitchen suppression system is designed to do just that.

At Fire Guys NY, we conduct a comprehensive site survey and design a system to meet your fire protection needs. Our installation services include:

  • In-house system design performed by certified professionals
  • Complete set of fire system drawings
  • Fire system plan review with the proper city authorities
  • Fire system installation and testing to ensure optimal results

Complying with the UL 300 Standard

By law, all kitchen fire suppression systems manufactured after 1994 must meet the UL 300 standard. This includes replacing dry chemical kitchen systems with wet systems to accommodate increased commercial cooking times and temperatures. Every system that Fire Guys NY installs is designed to comply with this standard. This way, you don’t have to worry about any fire code compliance issues.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection & Maintenance

Emissions from restaurant cooking equipment are often contaminated with vaporized grease and other fuels that could ignite a fire or make the flames spread faster. That’s why inspections and maintenance are critical for a safe, reliable restaurant exhaust system.

The team here at Fire Guys NY offers routine services necessary to keep your kitchen hood clean and code-compliant. Don’t let critical inspections and maintenance slip your mind, or your commercial kitchen could become a fire disaster just waiting to happen.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Repair

If you ever suspect something is wrong with your fire suppression system, don’t hesitate to schedule a repair with Fire Guys NY. If the situation is dire and you need an emergency repair, call us right away at (631) 253-0138 for 24-hour services. Our goal is to provide timely, effective repair work to ensure your restaurant is never put at unnecessary risk.

Schedule Kitchen Fire Suppression Services in New York

Whether you need a simple one-time repair or a complete redesign of your outdated fire suppression system, trust Fire Guys NY for the job. Let us show you what top-quality fire protection products and competitive prices we have to offer our customers in New York.

To get started, schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our fire protection experts to see how we can meet your restaurant’s fire safety needs. Simply contact Fire Guys NY at (631) 253-0138 when you’re ready to learn more.

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