Foam Fire Suppression Systems in New York

If your New York business involves burning, storing, or transporting flammable liquids, you have unique fire hazards to contend with. The proper protection equipment is necessary to prevent damaging fires and explosions from occurring.

At Fire Guys NY, we have the foam fire suppression systems you’re looking for. Our team is trained to install and service all system hardware to ensure an effective, code-compliant solution for your New York business. With over 25 years of industry experience, you know you can trust us to deliver the fire protection services you require.

Think foam could be the right fire-fighting agent for your business? Contact Fire Guys NY to schedule a consultation and learn more about fire suppression systems.

What Is a Foam Fire Suppression System?

High expansion, medium expansion, and low expansion wet foam are all types of clean agent fire extinguishing systems. The higher the expansion rate, the lighter the foam and the larger space it can fill. We’ll help you determine which type of foam is best for your application.

Three components make up fire suppression foam: concentrated foam, water, and air. When combined in the correct proportions and discharged through strategically located nozzles, these ingredients create a homogeneous foam blanket, which is effective against flammable and combustible liquids. Foam fire suppression systems are designed to discharge automatically when a fire is detected.

How Does Foam Fire Suppression Work?

Fire needs three things to burn: heat, fuel, and oxygen. If any of these elements is missing, the flames go out. Fire-suppressing foam works to disrupt all three:

  • The water content in the foam cools the flammable liquid and all surrounding surfaces.
  • The foam floats atop the flammable liquid, cutting off this fuel source from the flames.
  • The foam smothers the fire, separating it from the oxygen in the room and preventing the release of vapors that could ignite in the air.

Where Is Foam Fire Suppression Used?

Water alone is an ineffective fire extinguishing solution for any business that utilizes, stores, or transports flammable liquids, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel. These unique hazards require fire suppression foam. Call Fire Guys NY to install this equipment if you work in any of these businesses:

  • Refineries
  • Processing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft hangers and heliports
  • Boats and marinas
  • Jet engine test facilities
  • Dike areas

Foam Fire Suppression Services in New York

Fire Guys NY is pleased to offer these services to our New York customers:

  • Foam fire suppression installations and upgrades: Whether you’re building a new facility and need a fire suppression system installed for the first time, or you’re retrofitting your existing equipment, we can help design a solution to meet your needs.
  • Foam fire suppression inspections and testing: The 12 field technicians on our team are trained to service foam fire suppression systems in accordance with manufacturer requirements and national fire codes.
  • Foam fire suppression repairs: If your equipment stops working properly or discharges in a fire, let us repair or recharge the suppression system so your building is never left unprotected.

Call Fire Guys NY for Foam Fire Suppression System Services in New York

Do you need a new foam fire suppression system? Are you worried about sustaining a code-compliant repair schedule? Team up with Fire Guys NY, and we’ll help you manage all your fire protection needs. We’re here to help maximize your fire protection efforts and code compliance with the least amount of effort on your part.

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