FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems

Is your New York business prone to electrical and flammable liquid fires? Combined with sensitive electronic equipment or paper archives, these fires can have a devastating effect on your business. To protect your employees, customers, and assets, you need the proper fire protection equipment in place.

At Fire Guys NY, we service several types of clean agent fire extinguishing systems, including FM-200, which could be the exact fire suppression system you’re looking for. Our technicians are trained to install and service all parts of an FM-200 system to ensure an effective, code-compliant fire protection solution for your New York business. Trust our team’s 25+ years of industry experience to offer your building the protection it needs!

To learn more about FM-200 fire suppression systems, please contact Fire Guys NY. We offer free consultations to answer your questions and help you find the right solution for your business.

What Is an FM-200 Fire Suppression System?

Since the banning of new Halon production for environmental purposes, various other clean agents have become available as viable alternatives. FM-200 is one of these. It has the same chemical firefighting properties as Halon, but with non-toxic molecules that are much safer for the environment.

This gaseous fire suppression agent is designed to extinguish flammable liquids and electrical fires in a mere 10 seconds, making it the fastest, most effective waterless fire protection system available today. Plus, it doesn’t leave residue behind, so there’s no cleanup required before you can return to business as usual.

How Does FM-200 Fire Suppression Work?

Fire needs three things to burn: heat, fuel, and oxygen. If any of these elements is missing, the flames go out. FM-200 interferes with the combustion process by removing heat from the fire triangle. It doesn’t remove oxygen from the area or introduce harmful fumes, making it safe to discharge in occupied spaces.

A fixed amount of extinguishing agent, which is stored under pressure in containers, discharges through pipes and nozzles when smoke detectors and heat sensors indicate a fire in the protected area. It’s important to maintain the gas level for 10 minutes to prevent the fire from reigniting. Then, FM-200 can be safely dispersed through natural ventilation with no harm to the environment.

Where Is FM-200 Fire Suppression Used?

FM-200 protects areas where water could cause just as much damage as fire. Its low toxicity means it can discharge with people present. Plus, the non-conductive, non-corrosive characteristics of FM-200 make it appropriate for extinguishing fires in rooms that contain electronics and computers.

Examples of typical applications for FM-200 include:

  • Data centers and computer suites
  • Museums, libraries, and archive facilities
  • Telecommunications centers
  • Semiconductor facilities
  • Gas turbine enclosures
  • Power stations
  • Offshore facilities and vessels

FM-200 Fire Suppression Services

At Fire Guys NY, we are pleased to offer these services to New York businesses:

  • FM-200 installations for new construction projects
  • FM-200 upgrades and retrofits in existing buildings
  • FM-200 inspections and testing to help ensure national fire code compliance
  • FM-200 repairs and recharge services to minimize downtime that could leave your building vulnerable to fire

Call Fire Guys NY for FM-200 Fire Suppression System Services in New York

Whether you need a new FM-200 fire suppression system installed or you want to ensure a compliant maintenance schedule, Fire Guys NY is here to help! Team up with us, and we’ll provide all the fire protection services you need to keep your building safe and code compliant.

To learn more about installing an FM-200 fire suppression system in your New York building, please contact Fire Guys NY online or call our expert team today at (631) 253-0138!